Missing in action

I´ve been a bit sick in the last weeks, with
a very annoying, slimy cough and feeling tired.
It´s getting better recently, and now I can finally
get to the desk again without feeling sick and
wishing I was in bed.

This is a drawing my friend Florian
made for me while in business school.
He says it´s like a throwback into puberty being
into some sort of school again, with a proper
teacher, a proper class and proper boredom and
trying to stay awake for the next 50 minutes.
Apparently, this is portraing me being in hell,
but I don´t seem to care that much, really.
I even have rosy cheecks! How bad can hell
be, after all?

And I even got published in the meantime.
Well, sort of. This was part of the Hamburg
section of the nation-wide published DIE WELT.
It´s the programme part with my PR imagine
in it, so it isn´t a proper illustration for that newspaper,
and therefore without any money involved. It seems
our school has very good public relation muscles, and I
was pretty surprised to see my first printed work
in such a big newspaper already.

It also motivated me to finally continue
with my portfolio and all that, so


Maarit said...

Being published is always great, but die Welt, that's huge! Congratulations! It looks great, the flames reallly work.

I'd love to go to art school (although it's propably not at all like I imagine it)! You look either deliriously happy or about to go insane in that portrait (or both). Do you really have only six teeth?

Get well and good luck with your portfolio! And keep posting, I'm still waiting to see those drawings Jeannette sent you..

François Boussuge said...

Congratulations for die Welt! You deserve it.

Prozacville said...

Good man!

You're going to be BIG, BIG, BIG.

(And I'm not talking about your penis here, cos I've never seen it, but this tag might be appropriate for that as well...)

Jeannette said...


I just hang around here because I figure one day you'll have lots of jobs and maybe I'll get some spill-off. That's why I hang around Liz, too.

And fix your profile picture. Why are you a red ex all of a sudden?

Mac said...

Congrats fred. It looks awesome. Hell is trying to make a living with visual art.

Anonymous said...

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