IF: Enough

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"Enough of that terrible noise!"


I´m on Flickr now!


Mrs. West said...

oh this is fantastic!
love the illustration.
I'll have to check you out on flickr. I'm there too :)

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Very nicely done!

MIKE said...

these guys are awesome..

Jeannetto said...

If I was in a band that could be my CD cover.

steve said...

I'm sure I'd like it! I haven't seen one of those keytaurs in a while, with the exception of a Beans cd. Nice.

Curious Art said...

Just great!

Willie Baronet said...

Groovy! I just added you as a friend on Flickr. :-)

No poof??

Jan said...

ooh, glad to see you're on flickr now


piero pierini said...

really like it man!i'll be checking this spot very often.