IF:Fail // Bologna Fiere 2008

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"I will never fail."

This is a character I plan on using in a small
book I am working on, it´s going to be self-published
as part of the edition Poste Aérienne that
my fellow artist buddy Boris is starting together
with a friend of him. It´s going to be a roughly
half-letter sized booklet, with a the only
colour being bright blue on the outside.
I am not 100% sure yet but I plan on making
a series of drawings roughly centering around the
topic "Velocity". I´ll keep you updated on
the progress!


I also just retured from the Bologna Childrens
Book Fair in Italy. Huge fun, a great group, haven´t
been on the actual fair not even nearly enough
to call this a "business trip", but had a lot
of fun with all these great people and made
some new friends along the way.


Also, please check out the work of
Julia Gruner. Aside from making great
paintings and even better photography she´s
a lovely person and usually supported me when it
came to sleeping on park benches in various
italian cities. It´s nice to have vacation buddies
that are equally lazy as me.

BONUS: An arrow made of cold cuts.

...and the mandatory "Dear god,
how can this place be so beautiful" photo.


Jeannetto said...

You're so lucky you went to Italy!

Good luck on the book.

Curious Art said...

Great work as always. Think I'll adopt "Well! Butter!" as my motto.