IF: Heavy (2)

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Heavy music, heavy speakers!

You know what´s also heavy?
Having a stye above your left eye.
It´s not as painful as it´s annoying,
and I look like I had a stroke, with one eye
just a little bit more closed than the other.
Alternatively, I look like somebody had
punched me in the face, but very tenderly.

Thinking about it, having a stye isn´t
that heavy, it´s merely a little inconvenience.


tsu-mina said...

I really like all your works! Intensi.

Curious Art said...

Great illo. As to your eye troubles, they are no doubt the result of the pencil in your profile photo. Keep the art tools out of the eyes, man!

Miz K said...

Great piece - and you're right - stys are a pain!

Richard Cardona said...

Another great one. hope your eye heals fast. those sties suck.

Marina Collings Whiting said...

i dig your colors alot.

sdfgshhhdgth said...

my favourites are the explorer and your IF Theory drawing, but its all great - nice blog!

Vhrsti said...

Hi Frederik! Your last works are really brilliant! That's all I can say...