Welcome back, Internet!

Alright, I am back! And already having itching
fingers again. Drawing during my vacation didn´t work out
that well, I thoughtlessly left most of my stuff at
home (music, books, Nintendo, and, well, the internet)
and I realized that I need all my belongings around me to
function as an artist ("artist"). I am also terribly impatient.
When you´re so used to produce drawings on a daily
basis like I do (or attempt to do), having a week off is pretty
brutal, because after a certain time it becomes a roaring
demand. I am also very dependent on my home;
tramping around the world would pretty much kill
me. I am used to my media, to the internet, to my
own bed, my habitat. I am the counterpart
of a nomad.

What I came to think about too:
Do you feel the internet is a luxury or a
new, basic form of cultural device, a necessity?
I liked to think that despite me using technology
each day, every day, I could drop all that and become
a buddhist monk or whatever anytime. But that isn´t
true. I will also never lose my interest in Nintendo
games, no matter how much I think that it´s
a waste of time sometimes (hint: It´s not, because
it serves as an excellent stress relief for me).

Ah, well. More to come, I am heavily sucking
in my conveniences right now, with the stereo blasting,
all light on but, sadly, no potato chips in arms reach.



Maarit said...

I would certainly feel a bit unarmed without the internet. I google stuff every day; remember when you had to go to the library to get information? I mean actually get out of the building you're in, go to another building, walk between the shelves in search of an actual physical object that in the end wouldn't necessarily contain the bit of information you're looking for, which you would find out after leafing through the bloody thing for hours. What agony! Then you would simply lose your sleep for weeks, because you couldn't remember the name of the actress from Friends or something. (I actually do remember managing my every day life quite fine before the internet, too, I just don't know exactly how I did it..)

I like books, though.

Great drawing by the way, I like the way you use colour on the outlines, too. You've posted some consistently good stuff before your holiday, too. It really shows that you draw every day, I guess I'm going to have to start shaping up too. Tomorrow.

Jeannette said...

I dont think I could live without my computer. I tried to quit it for two days last week... and I ended up needing it to print references, find some job info, get directions...

Also, when trying to build up a website and entertain people you cant stop or you lose everything you've worked for.

And email me your address, you get my drawings!

Prozacville said...

Good to see you back.

Mim said...

I'm hooked too