I´ve been officially dead (in the Blogosphere)

WEB 2.0!!!
If you don´t post for a week you´re claimed
dead in the data hyperspace version two point zero!
At least, if you post as much as I did in the past.

It´s the year exhibition of our school and I´ve been
there almost every day since monday, and today too
and also tomorrow, showing the stuff to all kinds
of family and friends, drinking beer with some fellow
students and doing supervision (or whatever the act of
sitting there on a stool to prevent people from ripping
paintings off the walls is called).

After I used to slack to much and generally
spend most of my days at home for the last, uhm,
three years of studying (!), I finally got a grip and
now I am doing stuff there like crazy. I also have a surprisingly
big number of pictures hanging this year, and today I´ll
FINALLY make some pictures with my own camera (which
I´ve been avoiding so far since it´s pretty unreliable,
I guess I´ll have to jump into the cold water and buy
a new model from a better brand.)

I am also making lots of new friends, and I am
also setting up a group of people to go drawing every
week during the semester break (which is two and a half
MONTHS long). It´s a bit creepy at times. I also started
drinking my coffee with sugar and milk instead of black
and using strange words like "her work is beautiful" and

So I am in a hurry right now again, but expect another
HUGE update on all this in the near future!


And also, I don´t know if I already linked her here,
but you have to check out Kokokalinka,
she does very excellent stuff with beautifully awkward
characters and uses a certain hypnotic
shade of blue A LOT.

Oh, and it´s been raining every day
without exception for weeks here, and now today
the sun is shining and a warm breeze is running
through the windows. I wish I could close this
post with some sort of ironic comment, but not
today, as everything is just AWESOME and
AMAZING, except the exhibition of our
neighbour art school, which was mostly
stupid shit. (If you´re reading this and studying
at the HfbK: I LOVED your work, really! Great concept,
with the rusty nails and the neon colours
on nylon stockings!)

1 comment:

Jeannette said...


As long as your blogging hiatus is because you're doing other art related things, I'll let it slide.

Also, Jon and I are moving to Germany after Im done in Japan (or so we think). So you and me will be best friends forever and it'll be awesome. As long as you dont stare at my boobs the entire time. I am a serious artist! Haha, no Im not.

And I responded to your arguments with my comic on my blog.