Bild und Text

So here is the first batch of photos
from our annual exhibition.

This is a poster I made last-minute.
Thankfully, Nicole helped me with the layout,
since we only had InDesign CS, which is
TOTALLY different from CS2. Well, at least
different enough that you can´t open CS2 documents
in CS. What´s that about, eh, Adobe?

My second poster. It´s a bit wavy, but I won´t complain,
since I got exposed a lot this year. You can also see
this poster in the first image, to the very right. My stuff
was all on one floor, and it was crammed with lots
and lots of great illustrations.

Reflective glass, urgh. Again, no real complaint, as
we almost DIDN´T show our column illos this year.
I can´t believe how much we did this semester, and
I am really looking forward to the next round.

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Prozacville said...

Your stuff looks good BIG and framed. One day you'll be on billboards, dude. Just don't kill yourself with the beer beforehand.