I´ve been pretty busy lately, to explain my
slow posting. I got a deadline wrong and churned out
FIVE illustrations on two and a half days, which is some
sort of record for myself. To be honest, it wasn´t THAT
brutal, I just didn´t get as lazy as usual like I do over the
weekend (oh, and no partying or something like that,
either, of course). Turned out I still have another week,
but six illos are a good number for showing this work
at your yearly school exhibition. It´s comforting to know
that my recent style is something I can
produce extremely quick.

This image is for a column about mishearing words,
"Brizidan" being one of those words. It deals with
an old story about a black man catching monkeys
and roasting them, "briet sie dann". This is the illo I am
most satisfied with, so there you go! Posting more
of those within this week (if I am lucky).


Maarit said...

At least you have an excuse for slow posting, I have none (apart from the Lazyness). I could propably really use what's on the tape on your last post.

I love the punk hair do he's supporting, looks vicious.

red-handed said...

Young man,

You be tagged: http://red-handed.blogspot.com/2007/07/tagged.html.