Annual expo GO! GO! GO!

Just made this. Eh, it was
kinda fun. Not much to say about it.


Anyways - Photo time!

This picture shows what Germany looks like in most
places. But kidding aside, this is the DVD presentation
we made at the Martin tom Dieck class, and to make
people really sit down and watch it we set up some
kind of kitschy living room atmosphere.

It worked. And so did the beer.
Gave me some proper headaches, combined with
some selfmade wine tom Dieck got from his
neighbour. (That my head down there. My god,
my hair looks weird.)

We sat there pretty much the whole evening.
And whatever you think is happening in this picture,
I didn´t do anything (which is pretty rare for me).

My professor Bernd Mölck-Tassel and lots
of food. They even had some sushi there.

The photos are pretty low-res, I had to nick them from
StudiVZ (the german rip-off of Facebook). I hope nobody
in these pictures is offended by being exposed to the internet.


Prozacville said...

Like the EatMeChimp pic. I can see Cowboydogish influences creeping in. That dude is infecting the whole fucking internet.

Jeannette said...

So did everyone vote you class king because your stuff is the best? Dont be modest. I wont tell anyone.

You Germans are fucking nuts. Beer!? Chips!? Sushi!? Facebook!? What next??

Anyway, I expected you to be shorter and rounder. And covered in chocolate. I dont know, weird stereotypes I guess. Also, I apologize for staring at your tits, hottie.

Looked like fun, so when do you get kicked out of there and real life begin?

Jeannette said...

Oh, and the guy in the last picture with the white shirt on looks like a shmuck.

Im right, arent I?