How are you gentlemen!

Finally I get the chance to catch up with my
posting. Not posting stuff on blogs somehow looks
like I am not doing anything, which in most cases
is true, but recently I did SO MUCH that I couldn´t
be bothered spending some attention on my litte
"post picture and talk nonsense" site.

The watch you´re seeing is for a text that
deals with advertising gifts that are cheap and
useless. The company the author mentions is the
ADAC (the german car club), and the watch I drew
is both "timeless" (It doesn´t show the time! LOL!)
and advertising the company. This is the best concept
I ever came up with, as opposed to just draw stuff
that randomly fits the text in a way.

This is for text about
a hypochondriac who is daydreaming
about a one-stop cure for all this suffering.
My teachers said he would look too much
like a drug addict, and that he is
pretty muscular for someone who
is supposed whiny and weak.

So here is the second version. This one
actually looks sick and worried, and the color scheme
is less happy and funky and more doom and gloom.

That´s it for today. I am off playing
some videogames, I guess this time I actually
deserve it. Next week is packed with our
yearly exhibition, and I´ll take some photos
for your delight!


Jeannette said...

At first I was going to write fuck what your teacher thinks but the second one is really good and conveys the message a little clearer. the style changes though, kinda looks like something from the wild thornberrys cartoon.

oh freddy, you are a clever one. im glad your still drawing HARD. now go beat supermario or whatever it is you do.

Prozacville said...

Hello, Just thought I'd let you know that you've been put up as a Twin Town/Sister City on Prozacville.

You don't need to link back, but I'd be honoured if you did.

esillustration said...

I love your new drawings! I also love your innocent looking boy. I enjoy his ducky lips and amazing eyeballs :-)

Prozacville said...

I thought the company was called AC/DC for a moment.

Now that's a watch I'd wear.

matlop said...



Prozacville said...

Jurk must have a new girlfriend. He hasn't done any drawing for fucking ages! Put away your pecker and get out your Pentel, mate!