IF: Suit

I was listening to the radio and the sports
program was running, with something about the
local football team, the Hamburg Sea Devils.
I don´t care much for any sport, but drawing a little
football dude was fun.

Football is a bit of a niche sport in Germany,
with soccer being our national pasttime sport.
If you would twist my arm and force me to go
to a game of one of those sports, I´d happily pick
football, though. The players look like those cool
little Transformer toys, and it seems to be more
tactical, without all this mindless running around for
90 minutes.


Elmyra Duff said...

Hey! I really love your work! All of them!!

Tina Vaziri said...

Love your line work! Great style!

Jeannette said...

I think you're insane.

Ariel said...

its funny how you call american football "football" over there, and regular football... soccer fred :)

And who knew there was american football in germany(or europe for that matter)

Its also funny how you describe the wardrobe of these guys(transformers??!! haha) You sure have an imagination Fred :)

Girlfriend of Freds?.. keep this fellow.. he's a keeper :)

PS-Im back in canada now from bangkok, so hopefully i'll put some pics up soon on my site. Stay tuned!

Take care Fred! :)