Exhibition time! (...from the past)

Finally I got my hands on the pics I made at our
creative writing/illustration exhibition in Altona.
Nobody had the idea of bringing a camera that evening, but luckily
I thought of using the tiny webcam inside the Macbook we had
for the beamer for some small but non-blurry shots.

If you look REALLY hard, harder then ever in your life before,
you still won´t be able to make out my illustration on the left
of the group of three. Nice lights, though. The whole place was part
of several abandoned buildings in the dodgier part of the district,
which gave the whole evening a pretty avantgarde touch.

I am not sure what to write under this one.

The stage. Look at the weird old chouches. The whole
collection of chairs and stools was pretty random - there even
were church seats around and a tiny little plastic baby chair.

Wow, that place was just stuffed with people!
You can´t tell from this picture, though.

I made these pictures before we officially opened;
we were busy handling the beamer during the
readings (and improvised a lot, because some stories
were missing illustrations and vice versa, but it worked
out surprisingly good).

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Jeannette said...

I could tell it was yours on the left, nice!