Sad Starbucks Turtleneck Poet

Whooo, post #150.
I got a truckload of work in the next time,
I´ll show you how much:

- Making a big illustration for our next
exhibition (about Astrid Lindgren),

- Illustrating 8 columns taken from
various magazines, an appointment that totally
slipped under my radar for the whole semester,

-Doing 9 sketches for our drawing class
next Friday, and

-Make some sketches for the big painting
I am going to make for a friend of mine.


Let´s just hope this will keep me
from slacking. I´ll take advantage of my
little workspace in our school a lot (I hope), and
it is fun getting a lot more involved than I used
to do in the last couple of years.


Maarit said...

That poet is mad funny! I can't wait to see the stuff you're working on, especially the painting, I don't think I've ever seen a painting from you before.

I really like Astrid Lindgren by the way. Pippi Långstrump is great obviously, but my favorite has always been Ronja Rövardotter (sorry I don't know it in English). That would actually be so much fun to illustrate. Hmmm... I'll have to get over my lazyness first.

esillustration said...

he is so emo and lovely. tell him ill sit with him next time as long as his tears dont get my sketch book wet~! :-)

Jenny said...

hey- that's me!

sweet art, man. I love the style and hte ideas :-}

susan said...

too fabulous your blog it is. i really like your work.a lot. my husband's apt. in muenster looked a lot like yours by the way... lol. your style is really great!