IF: Electricity // WIP

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Hi-tech racing steering wheel,
consuming tons of electricity.

Guess what? This one will enlarge upon
clicking it, too!

I promised myself to not post any new
pieces from my upcoming book, but I thought
I could at least show some updated material.
(These engines below are new, actually, but I
just couldn´t resist.)

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(*Does not have to be true)

So after I noticed that the most recent
pieces had a lot more black parts in them and
were much tighter in general, I decided to do
something I NEVER did before: Modifying drawings
that I thought were "finished". Going over them a
second time had pretty interesting results, as you
can see if you compare them to the last post.
It´s much darker now, with more cross hatching,
and the steering wheel got a huge redesign.

Maarit gave me a very valuable constructive
criticism on my pieces in progress -
just had to mention that. She just updated
her blog after weeks and weeks of silence,
so go check it out!


Unknown said...

Those are super cool!

For me this was a really hard topic to illustrate, it's so cool to see how it inspire different people in different ways.

Willie Baronet said...

Nice work. :-)

Carolina Grönholm said...

I like all of your work I've seen here! nice work!

Maarit said...

Wow, the steering wheel looks much more hi-tech now! The tight cross-hatching is very cool. I wasn't sure whether I liked the original driver or the new one better, but the new one is growing on me. He's more sinister and determined.

Also, thanks for plugging my blog! That's so nice of you.

renee said...

MR. JURK!!!!! wow, these F1 drawings are amazing. i wish there was a print of the steering wheel so i could hang it in my studio.

so so nice.

AG said...

woah, i haven't been here in a while, and your progress and improvement is a source of inspiration and motivation for me. awesome work! :D

i can't quite get over the "modifying finished drawing" wall yet. but going by your example, your revised illustration for the wheel looks more finished and "pops" better than the earlier version. going back to a drawing with fresh eyes seems to be a good thing.

(i want a book too!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Frederik, du hast Raum entwickelt. Find ich gut!Und denk dran, ich will dann so ein Buch kaufen, setz mich auf eine Liste ;)