IF: Theory

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I have no idea what is happening here.
Nope. Not even a theory.

This is a t-shirt design I made
for my girlfriend for our anniversary,
which also happens to be Valentines
Day (aaaaw!). It´s the first time I ever
printed a shirt and I am quite happy with
the outcome.

The only problem I have with it is that the
shirt themselves are a bit transparent, and the print
film around the drawing makes these parts whiter
than the rest of the shirt. Ah, anyways.
If you read this and you happen to be living
in Hamburg, they were made by Eindruck,
a very nice little shop with friendly guys
working there.

Also, please notice that this drawing is
done in my one style, it´s called "effort".
Where most people use pencil tracings, I
just drew and cut and pasted a lot of times.
I even manipulated many thing after scanning
it, including completely drawing the tail in GIMP,
but to my surprise you can´t see all the surgery.

I really have to invest more time into
my drawings before I consider them "finished".
This also means not being as lazy as I used
to be, but on the other hand, doctoring on work
in progress is a lot easier than actually STARTING
a new drawing. Also, using glue and scissors is
a lot of fun. Digital and analogue - best of both


William Wren said...

i love your style. looks like you could draw for 'le gun' magazine check it out

Jeannette said...

Fredrick, Fredrick, c'mon, please dont rub in all your happiness with "his&hers" tshirts.

I am going to throw up jealousy.

Good drawings, etc.

Dot said...

interesting! great style.

André Gribble said...

Nice. The hairstyle is cool too.

Curious Art said...

Love is beyond theories.

Great illo, I really like the edgy linework.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Very strong and distinctive.

Eli said...

It's easy to be jealous of your style, very cool image, as usual.

Ellen said...

I can hear and smell him as if he was really real! Nice work!

carga said...

interestig illo and very nice t-shirt

Maarit said...

That's pretty much how I work most of the time! If the original drawing is good and solid, you can do a lot to it without "ruining" the idea of it. Then again, if the original drawing sucks, there's no point trying to fix it with software (I've tried and failed many times...).

This one looks great! I couldn't tell that you've doctored it, it still has the spontaneity left. Although now that I look closely, it does look a little cleaner than most of your drawings (not a bad thing, I like it). And I've always loved the random elements in your work, the belt with jingle bells is hilarious!

Natura said...

Sooo good and great personality as always!

lil kim said...

wow this is cool - love the style, sort of weird creature but I like it.

Nate Williams said...

I really dig this piece .. very nice