IF: Choose (3)

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"So many heads to choose!"

This is a pretty old piece I did
originally for IF "Mask". I still love
this drawing, it´s one of the few ones
that actually feels like a solid part of me,
so I wanted to share it with you again.

Its weird how I try and try and yet
rarely do something that comes close
to this to me. Maybe I should hang it
up my wall as the only picture and
meditate over it a whole year.
I don´t know if dissecting a
picture like this will result in anything.
Maybe I should take a couple of my
all-time favourite pictures from all
artists I know and try to get behind
what makes them so great.

Because really, when do we ever
do this? We know what we like but
we can´t say why. But there HAS
to be something.


Rico said...

Interesting piece.

Reeko said...

astonishing. Love the style.

Jeannette said...

It's the belly button that does it in this one.

Im feeling artistically frustrated. Maybe you are too.

I need to turn what Im doing upside-down and try again.

André said...

I really like this one... so raw. Great style and color!

BPP said...

Very good. Keep it up!

Richard Cardona said...

Wow - totally unique! Keep up the great work!

life without novacaine said...

Wow, a very powerful piece. Your style is really fun to look at. Nice job.

Paul Bommer said...

I have long been a very big fan of this image.
its amazing

Nicole said...

Very good work!