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So many stars to choose from.

I actually made this drawing in my
bed this morning (noon is what I call
morning) right after waking up.
This happens maybe two times
a year. Finally I can brag about
my self-discipline ONCE! Whooo!

Ah yeah, on regular days I "check
my emails" for about two hours a time
three times a day and generally waste
my time like... erm... like someone
who is wasting his time really bad.

I am working on it, as you can see.


Squirrelly said...

i LOVE this !!!!

Beatriz Iglesias said...

I really like the style.

Paul Bommer said...

this work is so brilliant
the only thing I dont get is why you dont get more comments and feedback!
inspiring stuff!

The Laziest Sloth said...

Great Work!!!