IF: Blanket

click it purrleaze

There seems to be quite a load
of stuff under this blanket!


I recently installed a Statcounter
on this blog and it was very interesting
to see from where people are visiting my
blog, take a look at the country list
for instance:

I was pretty surprised to see
Russia and the Arab Emirates so high
on the list. But there is more, you also get
to check from what sites people come from
when they come to your site. For instance,
I found this:

The site is called kak.ru.
Can´t read Russian, but it seems to be something
similar to Drawn.ca. Sometimes the internet
just keeps giving.

And here are some watercolour paintings
I did in the only class I finished this semester
(I was jobbing way to much for my own taste).
I always thought I didn´t like painting, but
this was more "drawing with colour" instead
of proper painting, and a very nice diversion.


Francois Boussuge said...

I don't know if it is in relation with your counter but you have a pop up add now on your blog...

Jeannette said...

I think I represent the entire "Japan" division.

So, you only finished one class this semester? What illustrator ever succeeded without a degree!?

Anonymous said...


I begin on internet with a directory