IF: Theory (2)

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A german proverb says
"Grau ist alle Theorie", which means
"All theory is grey", saying that only
putting things into practice creates something
worthwile. I thought that those posing dolls
always had something very theoretical
about them.


studio lolo said...

I really like the graphic quality of the drawing and colors.

Jeannette said...

This seems like a legitimate IF entry.

I like your theory on the dolls. They've never helped me draw shit.

Curious Art said...

Yes, mannequins are great if you want to draw mannequins! And as always your linework is terrific. Interesting saying too...

jene said...

I like very much your work (I said this before).
A Question ¿Are It painted in Gimpshop?

Vhrsti said...

Cool thoughts, Frederik!

Maarit said...

I bought my first mannequin a few months ago, and I was really disappointed with the mobility of it. I wanted it specifically so I could model some complex postures, but the joints in the legs are useless.

I'll propably paint the thing like a super-heroin to make it more interesting. I was thinking of batgirl or rogue! Any suggestions?

Maria Eugenia said...

Goethe, isn't it?