IF: Trick or Treat // Oni

click to enlarge, or else I´ll GRÖÖÖÖAAAAAAR

"TRICK this Oni, and he´ll
TREAT you with his club!"

Another day, another shameless plug of
fitting my own work it into the recent Ilustration
Friday topic. But hey, it IS pretty easy.

An Oni is a japanese ogre-kind of creature,
and the first dedicated piece I did for my
own project, which will be some kind of
monster encyclopedia-styled book. Making
our own books is the assignment at our current
class, and while I know that the idea of doing
a monster book isn´t revolutionary by any means,
it´ll free me from making up a cheesy children
story - I am not a good writer (or lacking any
pratice at least), so I´ll pour all my love for
weird creatures in it.

It´s going to be
about the more unusual monsters though,
some northern and eastern european fable
creatures, asian ones, maybe some african
characters... It should have at least some
part of educational purpose. Or maybe not.
I just wanna have as much fun as possible with
this, which is the only way to guarantee a maximum
of quality in my eyes - I wanna make a book I would
buy myself (kinda like those bands that say they
make the music they would wanna listen too, which
is both simple and genius at the same time).

And check out Amy Brown by the new
link on the right, she does very good lighthearted
stuff, and what I find most fascinating is that it
seems so natural and unpretentious, very joyous,
just like art gets when you try to do something
that´s fun to you.


Nicole Florian said...

You are good, really good!

v a l e r i a said...

uauuuuu! heavy! great illo!

mr i said...

I think your work just knocked me out! Amazing characters/colour treatment/style!

Natura said...

You are so good!

Erik Petri said...

Cool image
as always...you rock!

Sandra Krumins said...

nice one...go hard or go home I say.

flora said...

This is really great! Your work always amazes me.

Valeriannah said...

Good luck with your project. I really like your unique style.

Maarit said...

That monster book sounds seriously interesting. Your drawing is amazing, I really like that shading thing you've picked up lately. And I don't know how you get red to look so red, I'm a bit jealous!

The info in the Halloween contest site was a bit confusing, since it didn't have the actual size of the image in it, but they seem to have some kind of automatic resizing thing (of course that doesn't always look good). The images seem to be 500x500 pixels, hard to tell really, but approximately that. I think I'll just send in a 72 dpi image, the longer side being 500 pixels (now I'm even confusing myself..).

Thanks for posting the link to Amy Brown's blog, I love her work! She has exactly that spontaneous "thing" that I've been trying to achieve (and that I'll never achieve by trying).

Ariel said...

Great stuff of late Fred. As usual, you blow us all pretty much away! ;)

I've noticed you swaying away from full story-like illustrations to single-person illos. I remembered pieces you did way back when the were squared off and had backgrounds.

Don't get me wrong though.. you're still aces wit me. keep it up!

cheers my man!

Ariel said...

Wow.. how word gets around about Amy Brown. i found her on Illustration Mundo!


Rrramone said...

FJ, he is freaking cool. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.