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When will this boy ever grow up?


So what´s been happening lately besides
me not updating my blog? Well, I decided to ditch my
penciling attempts (not penicillin), since the approach
to do rough pencil sketches and tracing them on
transparency paper didn´t work out the way I wanted.
It might be a handy and effective technique to some,
but I noticed how much more I love bold, direct
drawing. Sketching and tracing is NOT FUN.
It feels like it´s killing the random elements
in my lines - the small dents, the weird curls,
the overall rough-around-the-edge touch
to it. So, there. Back to the old school, so
to say.

Mango chutney, ginger, ghee (clarified butter),
spices, mung beans, chili. AWESOME.

Also, I am getting into indian style cooking
lately. I never used to cook anything (beyond pasta
and water for my tea), and I think being able to cook
at least a handful of delicious, nutricious dishes is
a basic skill everyone should have. Taking some rough
ingredients and make something that beats
processed food out of the can by a mile always
fascinated me, and since I love mushy, spicy food
like many indian varieties, I thought I´d start
with something completely new:
Curry mung bean "dal" with mango chutney
and basmati rice. Worked out well, I ate this
three days in a row. And it´s cheap!

Also, please check out two new additions
on my link list. I still have to add Jeannettes new
text blog from Japan.


Nicole said...

Neat style!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Nice work! And reading the entry was fun too. You gotta do what works for you.

Natura said...

Soooo good!!

Alessandro said...

good job and amazing story.

Paul Bommer said...

such beautiful brilliant beguiling work
comme toujours

Morgan said...

I love the drawing :)

Jeannette said...

I want to cook indian food! Ive been living off pasta.

Maarit said...

Sounds delicious. I love Indian food, allthough I mostly eat pasta, because it's so quick and easy to make. It's not like I'm busy or anything, I'm just lazy I guess. Now I'm kind of getting inspired foodwise though, maybe I'll cook something exotic tomorrow!

The drawing is funny. And very metallic. Tanks are always cool.

I know what you mean about tracing, the results kind of look the same, but it never really is the same as the original drawing. Something's missing. I did a lot of tracing a while back, but now I mostly just draw straight to the paper, I like the line so much better that way.

rachel said...

well come back!
Love indian too but I never dared to cook it. Go ahead and post some ilustrated recepies.