Portrait swap!

Jeannnetttte and I made a little portrait swap,
which gave me the chance to realize my failings at
realistically portraiting people. Instead, I made some
sort of woman-like head with bunny ears (she requested
being a bunny). And look how nice I look in her version!
Although I wouldn´t say "Vanna make out?", but rather
"Vvannah machen aus?". Because this is how german
people speak. Our language is mostly like
"Rrrap! Halten sie an! makken
lebensraum sie blond virtschaftswunder!"

This clearly is Jeannette. You can
tell because she has her name written on her chest!

More to come soon. I´ve been out of the loop
a bit because the sun is finally shining which makes
great days sitting on the balcony.


tofusquirrel said...

i love this swap so much. i think they are both incredible pieces and people. YAY!

Jeannette said...

Awww, man. I should have asked you how to spell it first. I'm bummed.

Prozacville said...

Get drawing Jurkmeister. Your fans fucking await...

Maarit said...

You're not failing to realistically portray people, you're clearly just drawing them the way they would look like in the fourth dimension. It's a gift.