Hey Ho, Let´s Go


Also: Jeannette sent me a very nice
package with an assload of drawings, and containing
a bonus original drawing by Liz "Tofusquirrel" Siegel.
Now I am in the possession of an EXCLUSIVE
UNPUBLISHED DRAWING! Of course, I want to
dissect the package in all it´s little details, and with
photos, but I am a bit sick of sitting in front of my Mac
right now, so I´ll save that for later. Please, dear
reader(s), look forward to it!


Maarit said...

I love the expression on the guy, hilariously out of sync with the outfit!

Now I'm really curious about the drawings, get posting!

Jeannette said...

It was a giggle fest in Massachusetts today. Maybe Ive listened to that voicemail one too many times.

I want to see what was in that package too, I was drunk when I put it together. :)

Prozacville said...

That bitch! All she ever sent me were semi-naked pics of her and Liz taken at some 'You Draw My Boobs, I Draw Yours' Pyjama Party. But not a single fucking piece of art came with it!


tofusquirrel said...

:-D !!!