Bröderna Lejonhjärta

This week is completely dedicated to our
next big exhibition. This time around it´s the
celebration of the 100th birthday of the swedish author Astrid
Lindgren. Now I don´t know about other countries,
but Lindgren is easily the most well-known childrens
book author in Germany (and I assume in Sweden or
Skandinavia as well).

I picked the story "The Brothers Lionheart", and
if you haven´t read it, it´s about a sick little boy that
is about to die soon, and his older brother is soothing him
by telling him that they will meet in a far away land
after his death. But then their house catches fire,
and his brother saves him by putting him on his shoulders
and jumping out of the window which kills him but saves
his little brother.

Now that his brother died before him, he finds himself
alone and miserable. He also feels that he deserved to die
instead of his more popular, healthy and attractive brother who
saved him. But after one night, he suddenly finds himself standing
in front of a porch, free from his sickness, and joining his brother
who has been waiting for him in the world after death, the world
he kept telling his weak little brother to take away his fear of death.

It´s a very moving story, and I was a bit
concerned to not be able to put out material that is
appropriately sensitive. But I guess it worked somehow.
I am doing another one this week, so that´s two for our
exhibition, and three more to submit to the Bologna
Childrens Book expo in fall.


Maarit said...

I just watched the movie "Ronja Rövardottir" yesterday, I love it. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend. I love the way the rövars are running around naked, that would never happen in a Disney-film!

I think you did a great job (flames! I rest my case!), you portray the characters very well. And I like the way you draw hands, too (I'm kind of obsessed with drawing hands at the moment). I think if they're done well, they can express almost as much as the face.

Paul Bommer said...

truly truly brilliant
always inspiring
I am sickeningly jealous
but in a good way!

Prozacville said...

This is lovely stuff.

I'm touched.

And it's got nothing to do with the three cans of beer (2 Stellas, one Red Stripe) I've drunk this evening).

Viva Jurkmeister.