IF: Backwards (2)

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Monkeyboy loves to play
his recorded voice backwards!


marcisenders said...

Funny...Love the stye!

Maarit said...

Lovely! The monkey's cute and the colour is very iconic somehow. Yellow is my favourite colour right now (it changes quite often).

Your "small things" -posts are great too! It's funny how the style looks kind of softer when you draw with a pencil. I usually like it more, but then again, the robots look just right drawn with a micron. Go figure.

Diana Koehne said...

wonder what the secret message might be!?

I like your interpretation of the subject and your style! It's so 80s - with the bright yellow and the tape-recorder!

Christine said...

I like how the monkey has a bit of the wood carved out look. Nice illo.