IF: Repair

click to enlarge. Trust me, it looks shitty that small.

The winged monkey is beating up poor
Tin Woodman. Who´s going to repair
him afterwards?
This is also the submission for the recent contest
"Biester im Film" (Beasts in movies) that the new german
illustration magazine Jitter is holding. I was browsing
the net to get some other ideas than the obvious
Godzilla, Yeti, Dracula and whatnot, and stumbled
upon the winged monkeys from The Wizard Of Oz.
Man, what a cool concept - flying monkeys.
I mean, monkeys are already awesome
enough as it is.

What´s next?
A T-Rex in a F-16 jet?
(Free imaginary cookie if you
catch this reference!)


ArtSparker said...

Amazing illustration. The winged monkeys are quite eerie, they were weirdly convincing in the film pre-special effects & cg

Detlef said...

It certainly looks fabulous in the larger size.

red-handed said...

I think they will destroy each other (completely). Great energy in this.

Jeannette said...

This morning I was sitting on my new couch staring at a print you sent me. The IF: Eighties one. It reminded me of being happy while drawing, which is not the feelings I get when holding a pen recently (more like terror, anxiety, impatience).

Your blog comment section can be my new BLOG! Yeah! Blogp-in-a-blog!

Anyway, this drawing makes me want beer. If not this drawing something else...

addtadd said...

calvin and hobbes?

my god, this is a fine cookie.