Instant gratification

A little illustration I did for the creative
writing class project long-term readers might remember.
It´s going to be made into an audiobook, and there
were some texts without illustrations. The one I
received was about a man writing his wife
about live in Paradise, and the part that
stuck most in my head was that everybody
has a little button on his or her nose, that upon
pushing creates a wonderful orgasm.

So, yeah, this is what you see.
The rest of the text is pretty earnest,
but really, you can´t have something like
an orgasm trigger on YOUR NOSE in a text
and NOT illustrate that, right?

By the way, the book is progressing pretty
well, I´ll see if I post some more samples
later on. Until then, posts here continue
to trickle rather than flow ;)

1 comment:

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