IF: 100% //Rooibos

click to enlarge - 100%!!!

With a fresh jug of Rooibos, I am
read to give 100% drawing power in
your face. Yes, that´s me up there.
Well, besides the shirt and the hair and
I wear glasses and don´t use sketchbooks
like that, but otherwise...okay,
that´s not me. It´s somebody else.
I have no idea who he is.

100%! 100%! 100%! Hooray!


Vhrsti said...

Hello Frederik! I've discovered your amazing blog thank to IF. Love your works! Your style is outstanding and admirable! 100% perfect ;-)

Mim said...

I think he's kinda cute

marcisenders said...

Looks like a couple guys I went to art school with!

get zapped said...

Cool piece!

jim said...

Yes, there is something definitely familiar about this fellow if you ever went to an art school. Tis very good.

Maarit said...

I like the way he's holding the cup with that tiny hand, very cute. And the brush texture in the hair looks great.

Sorry for my absence lately, I haven't been very active in the web. Pure lazyness, I'm afraid, but I'll try to mend my ways!

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Great work!

Anonymous said...

That hair reminds me of my hair right now(*un-cut)

Though i like it long now.. cause i can do so much with it.

Happy new years fred!